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Jan 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
: teaching to the test seems to sum up what's wrong with public education but a new proposal outlined by the state superintendent of schools promises to be different. >> and i think parents across the state of california will be pleased to see a system that gets their students ready for the jobs and careers out there. >> reporter: there are 12 recommendations for revamping student testing. the most immediate, suspending star testing next year for second graders and make the switch to the new test. science assessments will be added and the state will consider alternatives to the current high school exit exam. a representative of the san ramon valley unified school district was excited. when was the last time you heard that? >> most of the teachers that i talk to say this is great because it allows us to be creative again. >> reporter: the goal is to phase out rote memorization and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. eventually all students will take the test on computers and no two tests will be the same. the computer asks questions
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
an uptick in traffic. the new rocket ship education charter school near a light rail station will serve 600 students and bring a long planned park and playground to the neighborhood. >>> and we are learning tonight that some damaged windows at san jose city hall will be an expensive fix and police say someone was seen throwing rocks and bottles at the windows a couple of weeks ago. the suspect was positioned in a way so that security cameras could not make a positive id. replacement windows are on order at the cost of $12,000. >>> san jose international airport is about to welcome the world's most advanced passenger plane. boeing's 787 dreamliner will touch down friday as all nippon airlines launches its new nonstop service from silicon valley to tokyo. as cbs 5 reporter len ramirez shows us, the airport just got a slick makeover to mark the occasion. len. >> reporter: exactly right, liz. san jose has spent about 1.3 billion dollars over the last couple of years to modernize the airport behind me but a couple of the major pieces were still missing, m
Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
and features an increase in spending for education, transportation, and even a rainy day fund. cbs 5 reporter grace lee joins us with how this is beginning of a new era. >> reporter: budget chair senator mark leno called this budget a breath of fresh air after so many tough years of cutting back it's a different proposal that we're hearing. but the governor says this is knots the time to start spending wildly and is giving more money to schools but the way he wants to do it is already causing waves. >> drizzle... >> reporter: in the city of richmond, perry's elementary school has 600 students. every, single one on reduced or free lunch. and after years of cutting back, they have learned they will get more money under the new budget. >> we are thrilled with lower class sizes enhance the educational experience by actually having an extra period. so maybe they can have a music program play an instrument. they can actually do art, drama, more lits racy. >> reporter: the plan proposes to spend $56 billion on k-12 schools adding an additional $2 billion
Jan 7, 2013 6:00pm PST
issue is the governor's call to redistribute scarce education dollars so students get more money. it's getting pushed back from both sides of the aisle. >> just because you send money to schools doesn't mean you're going to increase performance by students. >> i'm not going to vote for a proposal to take away textbooks for a district and give that money to other districts. >> the biggest news of course is the republicans are so outnumbered they're pretty much sidelined. with them goes the ability for the republicans to block the idea of new taxes. >> i don't think there's a tax or fee that won't be put up, talked about or discussed. >> an ironic twist, republicans are actually looking to governor jerry brown to put the brakes on some of these measures. it will be an interesting dynamic in san francisco in the coming year. we're going to have super majority by democrats that don't necessarily agree on everything and republicans that may side with the governor in order to take his stand. >> job security for journalists too. >> no shortage in this sta
Jan 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
, math, internet technology. >> reporter: with a csu education $5,400 a year, it may be worth finding a new major. >> i would consider it. >> reporter: if passed it would bring the high schools, community colleges and the california state universities together to help offer the needed classes. in sacramento, rob mcallister, cbs 5. >>> bank of america customers can visit bay area museums for free this weekend. four are offering free admissions, chabot space and science center, the contemporary jewish museum, the de young, and the legion of honor. just bring your bank card and a picture id. it's part of bank of america's museums on us program. >>> now, before we get to the weather and just for kind of a little bit of fun you might think that broadcast something a small world and it is. and here's proof. a clip from when i left my first job in san luis obispo a few years ago, see if you can recognize my replacement. >> and this is my last week here with action news and filling my weather shoes will be roberta gonzales. welcome aboard. >> thank you. looks like another wet day on hand. >>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5